AmiGUI aims to emulate Amiga GUI (Workbench) applications as if they were native for your operating system.
It features an MC68000 CPU emulator and a simple AmigaROM implementation which translates Amiga ROM calls
to functions your OS understands. Milestones and current status:

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3 <-- I AM HERE

  • Memory allocation in place
  • Most file related functions in dos.library done

Milestone 4

  • Implementation of dos.library's ReadArgs()

Milestone 5

  • dos.library and exec.library nearly complete.
  • Miscellaneous functions from various other libraries implemented
  • Most AmigaDOS programs now runs fine

Milestone 6

  • Implementation of GUI functions.
  • "Hello world" in an Amiga window works

Milestone 7 (somewhat unclear)

  • Buttons, text boxes, labels etc.
  • First release?

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